Thursday, February 16, 2012

We're bad, we're bad, we're bad

There is nothing like getting up early so your kid can carmelize the sugar on the tops of the creme brulee he is taking in to school for his French class. The hardest part is getting said kid awake enough that you trust him with the blow-torch.

We're not talking about some cutesy, namby-pamby little kitchen torch here, either.  It is a full-size portable Benzomatic Burnzamatic* propane torch.  The  uses listed on the side include soldering copper, loosening frozen bolts, and putting up lead gutters.  Not a single word about creme brulee.

We're a tough crew, here.  At least when it comes to custard-based desserts with crunchy sugar on top.

*Seriously.  Thanks to the Rocket Scientist for the clarification.


  1. Actually, it's a "Burnzomatic"... seriously...