Friday, February 03, 2012

Quotes of the day, and an analogy

From Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

"In this Twitter world, having law enforcement monitoring you just increases your fan base."

"People these days often shout so loudly on their phones that using the phone almost seems superfluous." 

About an episode of Jerry Springer he watched,  [it used to be] "Cheating was a foible, and cheating with one's wife's sister would be in bad taste, to say the least."

Also, talking about a woman who blogged about a man with whom she had sex, "...we learned that he likes spanking. Who doesn't?"

Of course, he also said some things about bloggers. : "Bloggers are the type of people who wake up in the morning thinking that the world waits for their every thought. I know I've offended at least half of you... They put their every thought out there: full-baked, half-baked, and frequently unbaked."*


And the analogy, from a friend of mine: our intellects and our ambitions are like a mountain.  Some of us are used to going to or being at the top.  We identify ourselves by the small amount at the top of the mountain that we reach that others may not.  When we fall short of that mountaintop, we identify ourselves by the amount we fall short rather than the totality of the rest of the mountain.

*There is a blog post (yeah, I know) just waiting to be written about the concurrent rise of blogging and reduction in social interaction, and how people talking about things that were "too private" is not necessarily a bad thing.

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