Friday, February 17, 2012

Curioser and curioser

I have a very small* readership.  Looking at my Blogger stats, most of my posts get, oh, 10-12 hits the week after they are posted.**  If it is an important post they can get a few times that over a month.  But there is one post that has gotten a lot of hits for no reason whatsoever I can think of.

"The reason for the last post" has gotten 86 hits in two weeks.  All that post contains is an explanation of how posts deleted on Blogger still show up on Google Reader. I was testing a statement made by a panelist at a privacy symposium.

I just can't understand what the interest is.

*but exclusive, intelligent and sophisticated
**There are quite a number of people who have told me that they read WWF on Google Reader, LiveJournal and the RSS Feed.  What  those numbers are I have no real idea. The Blogger stats mainly tell me what posts spark interest, and a very vague idea of how much traffic I am getting.  Adjusting for traffic from spam sites, readership has been slowly growing over the past year., which pleases me.  Not that I am doing much to actually advertise the blog: I only rarely post links from here to Facebook, for example.

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