Saturday, February 04, 2012

New word to hate.

At the privacy symposium I went to, I heard a word I had never heard before.  It goes on my list of words I absolutely detest for aesthetic reasons, along with polyamory and gifted (as a verb).  That word is ....

"Monetize."  As in "You found a way to monetize your information."*


I guess it's not enough any more to say things like "Did you find a way to turn a profit on this?"  I am all for using fewer words, but this one is simply ridiculous.

*Actual quote from a discussion about drones and privacy.

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  1. I have a belated comment:

    Monetize is not a new word (I work for a university.... it gets said here)

    But here's a new word to like (at least it's new to me)


    I read it today in Paul Krugman's column:

    Inspired to learn more, I found myself at this page filled with lovely units of measurement:
    Some will be familiar, some new, many hilarious.