Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movies I need to see...

After watching the Oscars, I need to see...

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (both versions)
War Horse
The Iron Lady
The Descendants
Plus the live-action and documentary shorts (I saw the animated shorts last week)

I have seen two of the performances that won acting awards (Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress), as well as Best Picture/Director/Original Screenplay.

I actually saw over half the Best Picture nominees this year -- the first time that has happened since 2007. I adored Midnight in Paris.  I loved Hugo, The Artist (even if I did fall asleep for part of it) and Moneyball.  I liked The Help.  In spite of the nominations it received, I have absolutely no interest in seeing Tree of Life.

Also, Penelope Cruz is too beautiful for words.

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  1. "Plus the live-action and documentary shorts (I saw the animated shorts last week)"

    By coincidence, we just received 2 free passes and 2 free small popcorn vouchers for the Landmark Theatre in apology for their pricing error issue the other week when we saw the animated shorts (yes, I wrote to them about it :)

    The live action shorts are playing at some Landmark Theatres at least through this Thursday... not sure if any date afterwards. You are welcome to the tickets if you'd like to take Jay or someone to the show (I'd happily go except that I'm committed all nights this week already).

    Love, the Resident Shrink