Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'm illiterate in classical music, remember?

I just asked the people in the room (Railfan and The Red-Headed Menace) if they would mind me playing music.* Since I knew they would not be happy with me playing my standards playlist (see yesterday's post), I asked if they would mind classical.

"What period?  Romantic? Baroque?  Impressionistic? Modern?" RHM asked.

How should I know?  This having children more knowledgeable than me can get to be a real pain, sometimes.**

* I suppose I could have been an autocrat and simply turned the music on, but I am trying to teach my children manners, and absent a good reason to be autocratic, I try to avoid doing so.  That said, there are times when "because I said so" is not only a good reason but the only possible reason.

**My answer was "How should I know? I think it's a mix." I then started off with his favorite Vivaldi piece, so he was mollified.

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