Friday, February 24, 2012

Consistency is not a bad thing.

I have been thinking a lot about privacy lately.  I have a very lengthy post on the subject which I periodically return to, spawned in part by the privacy symposium I went to, the changes in Google's Privacy Policy coming on line March 1, and a couple of incidents lately which make me uncomfortable.

So... I was thinking of my my "Determined, much?" post.  I am collecting information that is really not much use to me, for the purpose of collecting information.  Yes, for the most part it is almost completely anonymous, but still...  There is an element of privacy invasion, even at a very low level. This makes me uncomfortable.

I decided I needed to delete my Sitemeter account.  If you look at the bottom of the sidebar, you will no longer see the small Sitemeter logo.*

I don't write for an audience.  I know I have one, because I hear from people.  I don't need to know who they are, unless they choose to reveal themselves.**

*I still have access to Blogger statistics, but those are very general -- they do not identify even part IP addresses, for example. They really are just numbers.  And if me having even that low level of data bothers you, I suggest you sign up for the RSS feed or follow using Google Reader.
**That said, it would be nice to get comments, she says wistfully.

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  1. Comments-wise... I wonder if it might be useful to create a second blog that contained only those posts that you felt comfortable linking to from Facebook... then you could share your blog with a wider audience.

    -resident shrink