Friday, February 17, 2012

Salt for thought.

Today the Starbucks I was at was out of sea salt for the salted caramel mocha.  I was annoyed at this, but mostly because I had paid for a SCM, and was only handed a caramel mocha.  I complained about this, and was told "We didn't know we were out of salt when you ordered."  That was it.  No offer to make me anything else, no card for another drink another time. Definitely lacking in the service department.

I thought of going to the Starbucks website and complaining.  But the thought that is keeping from doing so is this: I rarely go to their website to report when I have exceptional service, so is it really fair to go simply to complain?

Yet another coffee conundrum.*

*The primary one being, if you view buying drinks as effectively "renting" space at one of their tables, how frequently should you buy drinks?  My current view is about one every 60-90 minutes, slightly less frequently if you get food. Less frequently as well if the place is not very crowded, or if you are at a trestle table with five other laptop users.

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  1. My own coffee connundrum is, if I buy coffee effectively to rent space at the table to do practice-related work at, is the price of the coffee tax-deductible as a business expense? ;)

    -- the resident shrink