Wednesday, February 29, 2012

That came in handy.

For some reason, I am very fond of the competition show Top Shot on the History Channel. Shooting stuff up in interesting ways just looks so fun.  Not quite as much as blowing things up a la Mythbusters, but serious fun nonetheless.

As a result of my viewing habits, last night during my weekly trivia game I was able to accurately  identify a M-16 rifle. Although it was only one point (and I won by more than that) it helped keep my (and my occasional teammates') four-game win streak going.

Hey, fifty dollars of food for knowing what given make of rifle looks like isn't shabby.  And I think I can identify a BAR....

Now if I can only get to shoot one.*

*BARs are cool, but I want to learn to shoot a twelve-gauge shotgun.  Either a Benelli Vinci or a Winchester 101.  I'm not sure why. 

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