Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have not watched the Grammys in years. By some odd chance I ended up watching on Sunday night, and it made me regret that I had gotten out of the habit. I ended up listening to the nominees and performers on iTunes, and I picked up some new music. 

Bands such as Mumford & Sons, which I had heard of but had never heard, are now on my laptop. I had already been introduced to Adele, but her performance on the show was incendiary. * There was Dave Grohl, whom I have decided I am in love with, after his speech about music when the Foo Fighters won Best Rock Album for Wasting Light. I had already had some Foo Fighters, but not this one. (“Learn to Fly” pops up on a lot of my playlists, and I am positive “Walk” will, likewise.) 

After checking them out, I am not impressed by Bon Iver. Nicki Minaj’s Exorcist-inspired numbered was simply unfathomable. I may be a simple creature, but I prefer my music unburdened by ridiculous storylines (unless it is a musical). If she was trying to be shocking, she was treading ground well-tilled by Madonna years ago with “Like a Prayer.” I still do not get the attraction of Katy Perry. Jennifer Hudson singing “I Will Always Love You” in tribute to Whitney Houston was moving. 

It was lovely to see that Brian Wilson’s voice is still intact after all these years, even if Mike Love’s isn’t. And while I loved Sir Paul doing the tail end of the song-cycle from Abbey Road** the multiplicity of guitar solos was excessive. While I like the work of each guitarist, giving them what seemed like more time than the rest of the number was altogether too much. I found myself saying “enough already!” 

So now I have new Foo Fighters, and some Mumford & Sons, and am looking to maybe getting some Civil Wars and Lady Antebellum. And the Amy Winehouse/Tony Bennett duet,*** which again I had heard of but not heard. 

 New music is good. Coming out of stagnation is even better. 

* She did as good a job turning a failed relationship into music as Alanis Morissette did with Jagged Little Pill and “You Oughta Know.” 
**I used to sing “Golden Slumbers” to my sons when they were infants. 
*** Carrie Underwood needs to learn not to sing over her partner – especially not one as iconic as Bennett.

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