Sunday, April 29, 2012

A rose by any other name...

I am restless, at least when I am not zombified.*  I keep thinking I should change the name of the blog.  Broadway songs and their lyrics offer a lot of options, for both blog titles and subtitles:

"All That Jazz" [from Chicago]
"Corner of the Sky" ("I've got to be where my spirit can run free...") [from Pippin]
"Just Another Day ("I'm livin' on a latte and a prayer..."**) (Edited to add: there is also "what doesn't kill me doesn't kill me...") [from Next to Normal]
"Pandemonium" (Life is random and unfair; life is pandemonium...")*** [from The 25th Putnam County Spelling Bee]
"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" [from Spamalot]
"Being Alive" [from Company]
"By My Side" [from Godspell]
"I'm Still Here" ("I got through all of last year, and I'm here...") [from Follies]
"Follow Me" from [Camelot] (nothing like the direct approach of begging for an audience)
"It's a Fine Life" ("If you don't mind having to like or lump it....") [from Oliver!]
"No day but today...." (from "Life Support" from Rent)

And so on. (I would like to note that I only have two Sondheim titles on here.) I have not even tapped other music sources.

Changing the title of the blog would be a bad idea, though.  I know! I'll start another blog!

Or not.  But what do I do with all these titles?

More importantly, what do I do with all this restless non-energy?

 *Is "zombified" even a word? I guess so, since  "zombification" crops up in the Wikipedia entry on zombies, and Wikipedia is the source of all wisdom and knowledge on the Internet, and in a lot of high school term papers as well. [/sarcasm mode]
**This last line should look familiar: I like it so much it is on my sidebar.
***I like this so much that title and lyric are the title and subtitle of my Live Journal.

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