Saturday, April 14, 2012

A couple of notes on going to the gala...

Dear Oracle Corporation:

Having driven past your headquarters at least twice this afternoon while wandering the wilds of Redwood Shores, I just want to say that those are some ugly-ass buildings, guys.  Maybe it's just me, but all that chrome and glass just seems soulless.  On the other hand, you are a very wealthy multinational corporation, so I suppose you get points from me for not pretending to be all warm and fuzzy.

And you have a serious geese problem.  When geese feel comfortable enough to stand in the middle of the road, not moving or even flinching, as cars stream by in the next lane over at 25 mph, you've got a mess in the making.


Dear Pat:

That it took you twenty minutes to find your way from the 101 Marine Parkway exit to the Hotel Sofitel -- a distance of less than a mile -- should be a stark reminder of exactly how severely directionally challenged you are. Redwood Shores is not a complicated urban wilderness. 

Get the stupid GPS working, already.

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