Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brains...... Brains......

I am on new medicines for fibromyalgia.  One of which, Lyrica, is turning me into a zombie until about three o'clock each afternoon.  This is inconvenient beyond belief.

My face is puffy. I am not drooling (yet), but I look dazed and confused.  I cannot drive.  I had to rip out three different knitting projects yesterday because I kept dropping the needles. I was able to re-string a broken bracelet, but it took me an hour when normally it would take fifteen minutes, if that. (This was a repair, not a design job, and no wirework was  involved.)  My typing is ... well, let's just say that it took  me twice as long to write this because I kept hitting two keys at once.

Supposedly, the drowsiness (and the vertigo!) will go away after a week or two.  If not, I am getting off the Lyrica -- living like this long-term would be unbearable. Being free of the pain does me little good if I become nonfunctional due to the medicine's side effects.*

I think whether or not it has cognitive effects is an open question.  When the doctor was looking at drugs, I told him the one side effect I could not cope with was cognitive impairment.  But again, being able to think is not helpful if you can't really do anything.

I do feel like screaming for brains.  If only I had a way to transplant them.....

*And let's not discuss the weight gain and fluid retention.

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