Monday, April 23, 2012

Law and traffic school.

I am doing traffic school online this week for a ticket I earned in October. Shasta County sent me a list of approved online providers, and one caught my eye: MCLE4lawyers.  From their website:

Time is scarce for everyone, especially lawyers. Traffic school takes an entire day, and so does an MCLE course offering 6.5 credit hours. Now, you can reclaim a full day of your most valuable resource … time … by taking MCLE 4 Lawyers’ traffic violator school course. 
Since 1997, we have been offering California lawyers the opportunity to earn 6.5 MCLE credit hours (including 1 credit hour in substance abuse) and a traffic violator school completion certificate AT THE SAME TIME!

This is genius.  Completely.  I was all set to take it (even though I have no need of MCLE hours, since I  am not licensed to practice law because I have not paid my bar dues in years) until I saw that they were charging nearly $200 for it.*

There are limits to professional curiosity.  Usually about $50.

*Actually, that's not bad for an MCLE course.

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