Monday, April 30, 2012

Aunt Tessie might like this....

...remember, the one who sends you all the emails, whom you then have to reply to with "Check Snopes before sending me this stuff," and who still sends them to you anyway?

She might like this story from,  "Five Frivolous Lawsuit Stories That are Total B.S."  It debunks the stories that are tossed out from time to time to show how broken the American legal system is when it comes to tort awards, usually by people arguing in one way or another for "tort reform."

I have tried for years to tell people the true story of the MacDonald's lawsuit (because I am a somewhat ludicrous crusader for factual accuracy wherever possible) but I can't be everywhere.  And I have my own Aunt Tessies. (No, I am not going to identify them here).

As I said, she might like it.

Except for the occasionally obscene language, of course.

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