Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I was sent a job lead last week -- unfortunately just before I found out about my fellow group member's suicide.  I have been in some state of shock for the past several days -- the little bits of writing I have done here are pretty much at the limit of my intellectual capacity. Except...

I did write a cover letter.  After struggling for a couple of days trying to "punch up my prose," so that it was both concise and informative, I read a website that suggested using bullet points.  That helped me pare down the writing, making it more active and immediate. Also, I thought it gave a nice, clean, look to the letter.

I hope the people at the Foundation like the letter and resume: when I read the job description, I said (out loud, even), "They could have written this position for me." I am unhappy with myself that it took me three days to send it off.

But send it off I did.  So now I can go to trivia tonight with a clean conscience and a light(er) heart. My brain? The jury is still out on that. 

It's getting better, though.

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