Thursday, April 05, 2012

Generally speaking, I try to keep the material in this blog PG, or at the most PG-13. My kids read it, after all. Language aside, I try to be respectful of people's sensitivities. I have not, for example, discussed Dan Savage's hysterical (and definitely not safe for work) “Santorum” campaign.*

 Today, we're veering into adult fare. I feel compelled to pass along information of a more R rated nature.

Because every sexually active adult male, regardless of sexual orientation, needs some of these.** [Need I say this is NSFW?] It would definitely be possible to get matching accoutrements, such as socks, gloves, or for those into religiously-themed fetish play, rosaries.***

You're welcome.

*If you don't know what this is about, and are easily offended, don't Google it. Trust me on this one.
**Then there is this [also NSFW], but I find that too disturbing for words.
***I am so going to hell for that last suggestion.


  1. And I'm going to hell for looking at the rosary necklace and thinking "Anal beads!" (Albeit much too small ones...)

    -Love, the Resident Shrink ;)

    ps Glow in the dark condoms? I don't want to meet the man who has to rely on that to find his way in...

  2. This reminds me of a scene in the movie "Skin Deep" with John Ritter. Heh.


    (PS - Tried to comment with my LJ ID and the authentication seems to not be working. Not sure if it's Blogspot or LJ.)

  3. Blogspot tends to be a pain. I'm almost afraid to ask about the movie scene : )