Monday, November 21, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

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Thinking aloud, or maybe an informal poll: I am making or buying a pumpkin pie for those person(s) in my house who like pumpkin. I am making a key lime pie for those who like key lime. I am torn between making a chocolate sour cream pie or warm brownies with vanilla ice cream for those who don't like either of those.

On the one hand, fridge space will be a a premium, and the pies need to be refrigerated.  On the other hand, pies are more traditional. Not to mention that if I make brownies on Tuesday, I will have to fight everyone in my family to keep them from being eaten up before Thursday. (Wednesday is for making cornbread for the stuffing as well as chopping and sauteing the veggies, cooking sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, and the other pies (including roasting the pumpkin if I choose to go that route rather than buying one), as well as various and other sundry preparations.  Thanksgiving Day, we make the turkey and stuffing, the mashed potatoes and ambrosia, as well as finishing the sweet potato casserole.)

Yes, I know, we make an obscene amount of food, and all those desserts are good for no one in our family. But it's traditional for us, and we eat off this for a week in some form (turkey and dressing sandwiches with cranberry sauce, yum). If anything needs to go, it's the ambrosia, which is a pain to make and which can oxidize pretty quickly, and is the dish we are most likely to throw out some of. Definitely a first-world problem.

We are blessed with abundance.

Edited to add: Any suggestions for changes in either menu or staging to make all of this easier would be most appreciated.

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