Monday, November 21, 2011

Another important decision...

What wine?

We do not have my (and Ted Allen's) wine of choice to go with turkey, which would definitely be a Gewurtztraminer. We do have some other wines, though.  In fact, we have a fair amount of wine, which is part of the problem.

Most of the wines are medium-bodied to hearty reds, in accordance with the preferences of the members of the house who drink wine.  We have some white which is relatively but not too dry -- but I am not a fan of most white wine and often use it for cooking instead of drinking.  When faced with a situation where white wine would be appropriate, I prefer a dry cider or perry.

I have yet to find a Chardonnay which I  like.

I suppose we could go out and buy a Gewurtz, but quite frankly I am hesitant to buy more wine when we have so much ready to be drunk up.

Edited to add: we have 32 bottles of various types and vintages (including a couple of nice Stag's Leaps and a Sterling Merlot).  Among them is a relatively recent German Riesling which should do very nicely.

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