Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Poor babies.

Tonight, since it was Tuesday, I went to the Loft in San Jose for trivia, as I do every Tuesday.

Last week, The Resident Shrink, The Rocket Scientist and I had managed to not merely beat but pulverize The Gringos, who have been the dominating force in Loft bar trivia all year.  We felt pretty good about it.

Tonight, i managed to beat the Gringos (at full strength -- four members) single-handedly. We were tied coming into the last round, where I picked up 11 points to their 8.

Afterwards, I heard them grumbling among themselves that this was the first time that they had lost two games in a row.  They were cranky about having to shell out for all of their dinner, rather than part of it.*

Oh, poor babies.  I feel so sorry for them.

Hopefully, next week I can make it three weeks in a row.**

*This is  not to say the were bad sports.  On the contrary, they were very gracious to me and congratulated me for a game well played.  They were just grumbling among themselves.

**See how hard this blogging every day thing is? I played on Tuesday night, November 1, but since I was caught up in other things I ended up posting it a few minutes after midnight, meaning that it was posted on November 2.  Rats.

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