Tuesday, November 08, 2011


I went to an interesting talk last night, followed by a long drive where I did a lot of thinking.  When I got home, I only had time to do the hair post before going to bed.  I had been planning two posts for today -- one of which discussed the process of getting ready to go out vis a vis social anxiety and imposter syndrome, and the other discussing philosophical issues surrounding difficult rape prosecutions, in particular the Duke lacrosse case. Perhaps a third post about newsu.org, a program which will allow me to get writing instruction at very low cost.

But my throat started to hurt.  Today, I feel like the proverbial death warmed over (although, how would anyone know what that felt like?).  My brain is full of cotton wool, and while I remember roughly what I was going to say, the thought of trying to come up with coherent words makes me want to hole up somewhere and not come out for two weeks.

You know you are sick when the NyQuil starts to taste good.  Time to go to bed again, I think.

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