Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Odd thoughts for today.

I am sitting in the coffee shop the Resident Shrink frequents, having succumbed to the siren song of a slice of lemon meringue cake and a large decaf iced mocha, waiting to drive to Trivia.  The cake is, unusual in such things, absolutely as delicious as it looks, moist and not too sweet.  I am being good: I did  not tell the young man behind the counter that he looks and sounds like a cross between Emile Hirsch and Jonah Hill.  He is too young to overtly flirt with.  (Yes, I know.  I never flirt. I am trying to learn.)

I keep forgetting to ask R.S. what determination she arrived at about the tax-deductibility of coffee.  Not that that matters to me, as I have no business from which to deduct expenses, but inquiring minds want to know.

April was a very difficult month, we say with great understatement. Nobody died, nobody went to jail, so I guess in the end we're all going to be okay, but damn, I don't want a month like that anytime soon. As April had no interest in going out quietly, last night required a trip to Urgent Care. Pro tip: don't show up at Urgent Care just as they are closing when you have what may be a serious condition (it proved not to be), when you have driven yourself.  You find yourself with being threatened with the ER and an ambulance ride to get there, unless you can present someone within fifteen minutes to drive you.  For God's sake, just run the damn EKG already.*

It is May Day, and I should write something about the workers of the world and politicians, and how in America so many have been screwed over by the same system that too many of them want to protect. But I am tired, in body, mind, and spirit, so I think I'll let someone else try to change the world today.

And last, but not least, my family rocks.  Just sayin.'

*They did, and I am fine. The concern was a potentially fatal side effect of new meds.  As I said, it turned out to be nothing, but it could have turned out to be something, so I went.  Everybody told me I did the right thing. A previous post notwithstanding, I really should give up consuming large amounts of caffeine.

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