Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am content. Content is good.

I am in an irrationally good mood.  All in all, the world could be a worse place.

The cats are back home safe and sound.  We will need to get blood work done tomorrow as a precaution, but they seem to be just fine (albeit a little mad at us). We had taken to singing to the cats on in the car to calm them, and on the way home the Red-Headed Menace did a lovely job singing Louis Armstrong style on "What a Wonderful World."

I just watched an exciting Preakness.  I don't think I'll Have Another is a Triple Crown winner, but I'll be cheering him on in the Belmont just the same. It's been thirty-four years since Affirmed. I think it would be good for national morale if he won the Triple Crown.

It is a beautiful day outside.

Yesterday, in between disasters, I did go and get my hair cut.  I like it, which is unusual for me. I took a picture of it so that I could remember how it was cut for the future -- see profile on sidebar. It even looks good the day after getting it cut, which is wonderful.

I will be making dinner tonight: spiral sliced ham, roast potatoes, watermelon salad, homemade French bread. I may go out afterwards to a movie, or maybe not.

So, yes, I spent money on a Clipper card yesterday that I did not use and an ungodly amount on vet bills, but the card will keep and the cats are safe.

For just this moment, I am content.

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