Thursday, May 17, 2012

Decisions, decisions.

Along with (spurious statistic alert!) probably 75% of the other mothers in America, I received flowers for Mother's Day.  The florist did a superb job of creating a bouquet to last for days, mixing roses which were in full bloom with not-quite-opened irises and completely closed stargazer lilies. The roses were lovely, and the irises were quite pretty when they opened, but the lilies are spectacular. They're huge and beautiful and incredibly perfumed.

That last is a problem.  Strong fragrances -- even natural ones, such as star jasmine or, in this case, lilies -- can be migraine triggers for me.  I have spent the past two days flirting with a headache.

So, you say, throw them out.  I should.  Most sane people would.  But I can't seem to discard something so lovely.  The need to protect and nurture one's physical self can sometimes conflict with the need to nurture one's psyche, especially when the object which is so soul-satisfying is so very transient.

It's such a dilemma.

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