Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Errata, sort of.

I realized this afternoon that I wrote a (rather over-the-top) post on Monday about making the butterfly earrings, stating that they were the first jewelry I had created in a year.  This morning I wrote a post in which I said that I created a bracelet in April to match the necklace I had made years ago.

Obviously, those statements are inconsistent.

Except they don't feel so to me.  The bracelet did not feel like creating jewelry, merely stringing beads together.  There was no wire work (the handmade clasps were already in my stock) or even design involved: I simply took a few beads I had which matched the necklace and strung them on beading wire.  It almost immediately broke -- I ended up restringing it on Friday.  It never felt like making jewelry.

Maybe this is emblematic of how I discount so much of what I do.  Food for thought, certainly.

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