Monday, May 21, 2012

I can't go anywhere with these guys.

Today, the two younger boys, the Resident Shrink and I were on the way to see The Avengers, when we passed a beautiful vintage red Volkswagon Beetle stranded by the side of the road.  I hear "Ow" coming from the back of the car.

Me: "I hope you guys aren't playing 'Punch buggy'*. You know how I hate that game."

The Red-Headed Menace: "Railfan hit me! I want a retribution vehicle!"

Railfan: "What do you want, a Honda Civic bitch-slap?"

*For those of you who grew up civilized, "punch buggy" is a game where the first person to spot and identify a Beetle punches the person next to them on the upper arm. Among purists, there is some question whether newer generation Beetles count, but that did not come into play today because the car was clearly of an earlier era -- the early 1960s would be my guess.

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