Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yes, I'm being lazy. Sue me.

I write a lot about political matters.  Sometimes, such as in the last post, I don't link to the actual decision or bill.  (Where I am referring to a news item, I link to the article.)  I sort of assume that most of you are familiar at some level with the cases I am referring to.  With legislation or bills I think are less well known, I link to the text.

What I don't do for cases or legislation is provide proper citation.  I did this years ago because I had to, but this is my blog and I can be lazy if I want to.  (Yes, this may lose me readers who need to see the cite to know that I am not totally irresponsible.  Oh, well.)*

So in this, as in so many cases, Google -- or Yahoo!, or Bing, as the case may be -- can be your friend.

*I do reserve the right to change my behavior at any time, even to the point of going back and putting citations in already published posts.  Not going to happen today, however.

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