Saturday, March 10, 2012

I feel... well, maybe not pretty, but respectable.

So, on Friday, with the help of a nice young woman who acted as an assistant, I put together a small interview/work wardrobe.  Enough to carry me a couple of weeks at a business.  Then, with my first paycheck I can go buy more clothes.

I don't have a suit, but I have a simple blazer, a sweater, a couple of shirts than can double as sweaters, a couple of shells,* a couple of long sleeve shirts, a pleated skirt, a couple of pair of black cords and a couple of pair of pretty decent knit slacks (purchased from Land's End when the local Sears went out of business). And my favorite black Coldwater Creek dress, which is way too low-cut, but which works nicely with the shells layered underneath it. I just need to get a one or two more skirts, and pantyhose. (Blech.  I hate pantyhose.) And another pair of simple black flats.

Looking at them, however, they are all black, grey and red, with the exception of a blue blazer and a pink shirt.

I wonder what my color choices say about me.  Am I angry? Fearful? Tough?

At any rate, I have not felt this much -- excitement is too strong a word -- contentment over clothing since, I'm not sure.  I do sort of clean up nicely.

Now if I can just get somewhere to wear them to.

*For any male readers who don't know what shells are, they are light sleeveless tops designed to be worn under other shirts or blazers.  Like camisoles, except they don't look like lingerie.

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