Thursday, March 15, 2012


There is so much to write about.  But after 48 hours which included one six hour ER visit (kid's okay; nothing lasting), an emergency dentist appointment (another kid, is okay), a badly pulled rib muscle (me -- I was on Vicodin last night) and now being able to only keep down Cream of Wheat and Coke,*  I just want to go to bed and re-re-re-rewatch the Sondheim birthday video.  (I have now figured out where I have seen Jason Danieley before -- he was in the San Francisco production of Next To Normal.)

Especially since I have an appointment with my job coach for a mock interview tomorrow. I hate interviews -- even practice ones.  Experience tells me that, unless I know people well, I am at my best when I don't expect to ever see the other person again and really don't care if they like me or not.  I have been told by trusted observers that, under those conditions, I can be actually quite charming.  (A couple of hurricanes don't hurt, either, but they are not necessary.) Really. I am as surprised by this as you are.**

Once I have decided I like someone and therefore care if they like me, but do not yet know them well enough to relax, I tend get self-conscious and self-critical; not a good thing when you are trying to convince people to hire you.

Note: I am fine in a work context. I have a reputation at the places I have worked and volunteered for having exceptional people skills.

Time for more Coke and "A Little Priest."  On second thought, given the subject of the song, maybe not.

*I was going to write about all the anti-contraception legislation going around on a state and national level, but I am already nauseated.  I don't need to make myself more so.

**There is an ongoing argument between me and a couple of my friends as to whether I flirt or not.  They claim I do, and I steadfastly claim I do not.  All I can figure out is that I do not flirt consciously and with intent, but on rare occasions I am unnaturally effervescent.  I am really very shy and retiring.  Really, truly. For some reason, people seem very skeptical when I say this.

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