Friday, March 16, 2012

That didn't go badly.

[No, this is not the most scintillating of posts.  I am a bear of very little brain this afternoon, at least now, probably because great nervousness takes a lot of concentration to hold in check.  I was better earlier.  I am writing this primarily because I had talked about the interview last night, and in the sheepish hope that people whose information I have lost will spontaneously send it to me without me having to email them.  Of course, if I don't email them, how will they know I have lost their information...]

It has been one of those days.  At least, up until 3:00.

I discovered that my backpack, which had been in the van, was missing.  I can't find it around the house, either.  I had been using it in lieu of a purse for a while, since I had books to carry.  At this point, there was not anything in it to speak of, except several Games magazines and my card case.

The card case is a real loss.  I have cards for a quite a number of people, both professional and personal.  When my phone died at the end of last year, I discovered that for some reason the contact information of several of those people (people who mattered)  had not been saved.  In addition, I had gotten cards from a few people since then; again, people whose contact information (especially phone numbers) I wanted to hang on to.  I had been intending to take the cards and transfer them to my new phone, but had been procrastinating doing so.  I really regret that now.

Edited to add: Hurrah! Calloo callay!  I found the backpack! Tonight's task: transfer contacts into phone and computer address book.

As far as my cards... I have three different cards, a lot of them.  One of them my business card, one for jewelry design, and a "blog card."  Vistaprint is a lot of fun.  (I had also once had a hat with my blog information on it.)

While discovering that it wasn't in the house, I tripped in the garage.  In addition to skinning my shins, the trip did my pulled rib no good.

On the other hand, I got a new purse, sort of.  It is a tote of one particular design (black, with pockets large enough to hold a collapsing folder) -- I buy them and use them until they fall apart.  I got my first one in 2007. This is number three.  What makes it special is the hot pink interior.

I do the same with work shoes; this time I actually *gasp* chose a different black flat. This was only because the shoe store was out of my usual design.

But my mock interview went very well.  The interviewer thought I was personable, confident (!), and responded well to questions.    She particularly liked my answer to "You have a potential client in front of you and the phone starts ringing off the hook.  What do you do?"  With absolutely no hesitation I replied, "The person in front of you is always the first priority.  You hit the button which sends the caller to voicemail."*  (I was a little surprised that impressed her; to me, it seems completely obvious.) She said I need to work on my "tell me about yourself" elevator speech, however, and make a few changes to my resume.

So here I am again, in my home-away-from-home, sipping my Grande Peppermint Mocha, treating myself to madeleines and listening to Broadway, watching the rain fall.  And writing, even if all I am writing is a silly little synopsis of my day.

Not such a bad day after all.

*This, like all things in life, depends upon context: if you are working a crisis line, it might well be more important to answer the phone.

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