Saturday, June 04, 2011

Just another rainy Saturday morning in June.... Wait, WHAT?

I am sitting in yet another ubiquitous Starbucks, waiting for the Red Headed Menace to finish his SAT Subject test.  (His teacher suggested, rather sensibly, that the time to take the subject test was right after he had taken the subject in school, hence he is taking one of his SATs as a freshman.  It makes RHM feel important, I think.)

I am looking out the window on another chilly, gray, rainy morning...

Excuse me?  It is JUNE,  for crying out loud.  In the San Francisco Bay Area.  This is not supposed to happen.  The rain should have stopped at least a month ago.  What happened to our God-given right to warmth?

Years ago, on the first day of Civil Procedure, the professor joked that "this is California -- if it rains before November, they have to give you your money back."  He never said anything about when it needed to stop raining, but really.

It's not even like it is proper rain.*  Or a thunderstorm, which I would welcome. Sheesh.

I want my money back.

*Years ago, when the family was visiting relatives in North Carolina, it rained one morning.  The Not So Little Drummer Boy stood outside with water streaming down his face.  When we made cracks about him not having the intelligence to come in out of the rain, he replied "But this is different... this is warm rain."  Only then did it occur to me that yes, he had never experienced a warm rain -- when it was a decent temperature at home, it was always sunny.

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