Saturday, June 04, 2011

I am NOT that kind. Really.

Yesterday, the Rocket Scientist and I were  discussing the evening we had gone to dinner with the Resident Shrink and her friend from the East Coast.  The evening when I had the "Corpse Reviver" at the British Banker's Club, and... yeah.

"You were really flirting with Max," The Rocket Scientist said, amusedly.

"Me? I never flirt.  And people never flirt with me."

"Of course you were flirting.  And he was flirting right back.  It was really cute."*


I am not flirtatious. I am not "cute."  Not even remotely.

I am dark.  And mysterious.  And pissed-off.

So there.

*He later observed that, given how much I had had to drink, I may not be the best judge of my own behavior.  I remember everything that happened, and I am pretty sure I was NOT flirting.


  1. yes you are, from what I've seen and heard. So there :-P

  2. I think the word 'flirt' may want some defining here.

    There might not have been specifically come-on type language used.

    But there was a definite *vibe* going, in both directions.

    And yes, it was cute ;-)

    --Love, the Resident Shrink