Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tuesday, during a discussion about the State of the Union address on Fox News,  Stephen Moore, usually a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, said “This idea of all the members, Republicans and Democrats sitting next to each other, that’s like date rape."

No, Mr. Moore, it's not.  This is what date rape looks like.*

*He is not the first to use this insanely offensive analogy: Grover Nordquist once said  "Bipartisanship is another form of date rape."  I sincerely hope that these men never have their wives or daughters learn first hand the meaning of the term. Edited to add: I have just had it pointed out to me that being male does not automatically shield people from being raped.  That is true, but I have to confess that being terribly human, I would not be as upset if Moore or Nordquist got raped as if their relatives did -- not because they are men but because they are poor excuses for human beings.  It has now been pointed out to me that that mindset views rape as punishment -- "they had it coming to them."  The person pointing this out is absolutely right, of course, and is on this issue a much better person than I am.  Of course, no one should ever have to experience being raped.

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