Sunday, January 29, 2012


Today's musical playlist is comedy.  I've been listening to enough depressing ballads lately, I decided to refrain from inflicting them on everyone else here.  I am sitting in the dining/living room, the Red-Headed Menace is on the sofa, and the Rocket Scientist is in the kitchen homebrewing (it is a small house -- 1100 sq feet,  5-6 residents).

One of my selections is Kip Adotta's "Wet Dream." I love this piece to death.  It drives both RS and RHM up the wall.  The reason in both cases are the simply awful puns.

It's like Tabasco sauce.  My eldest son has yet to find a food on which he will not put hot sauce -- except for possibly ice cream.  I really don't care for it -- my tastes tend to be more ... subtle.  (The Not So Little Drummer Boy says that they are not subtle but boring.)

Puns are like hot sauce. Certain types of minds (mine, for example), think they are screamingly funny. Perhaps people like me have simply never progressed beyond whatever age it is that revels in wordplay and silliness.  Perhaps we like them because they allow us to pretend we're smarter than other people. Those other people find them stupid.  Those other people find them annoying.

Oh, well.  I just need to find similarly warped minds to hang out with.

Edited to add: Speaking of warped, my favorite song on this playlist is Tom Lehrer's "Masochism Tango." Railfan and Red-Headed Menace hate it, which simply makes it even more lovely in my eyes, er, ears.

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