Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"I've got this fear of falling I'm trying to overcome..."

I love Eddie from Ohio.  (Thank you, Cathy, for introducing me to them.) "Number Six Driver" is one of my favorite songs.*  Tonight, I was  listening to another song by them, "Gravity," when I had such a startling thought, I had to replay the song several times.

Is this a song about a woman considering suicide? Okay, fleetingly ("You and I both know I'd never jump"), but still...

Or is it an extended metaphor for fear of commitment?

Or, most likely, the woman is just batshit crazy.

I think I may need to go to bed at this point.  The fact that my mind equated commitment with suicide has me a bit worried.

*Although I think I may like Robbie Schaefer's version better.

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