Thursday, December 01, 2011

Whine whine whine whine whine.

I have had a busy day, running errands, going to my Thursday class, some housecleaning.

I have about ten different tabs up on my Firefox windows that need to be written up.  The most important, of course, is about the Senate version of the defense authorization bill.  I need to write it up soon, because once the President vetoes it as he has threatened to, it will be moot. Well, maybe not: the very fact that the Senate passed this turkey -- and voted down the Udall Amendment that would have fixed the worst parts -- says a lot about the state of the country. [Edited to add: wow, I'm far more intellectually-challenged than I thought.  Of course I know about the reconciliation process, and that this may get changed before it ever reaches the Oval Office...]

There is also a tab about Siri, Apple's automated personal assistant, and issues it has concerning women's reproductive rights.  This post would also more generally talk about the wisdom of having an automated response system with attitude.  When a machine replies to "I need the morning after pill" with "Is that so?," hipness and snark slide over into offensiveness.

There are, finally, various holiday themed tabs.  I will probably just compile those into a single post.

Even beyond that, there are other posts I keep thinking about.

I need to write.  I need to write.  I need to write.

But I am so damned tired.  Before, when I first got sick,* I did not have the energy to write, but I also did not have the energy to care.  Then I spent a lot of time resting, and doing some writing that was not too taxing. Yesterday, I had the energy to write, but then I had not really done all that much.

Now I care.  I just have no brain capacity.


*Turns out everybody else in the family probably did have the bug from hell I had a few weeks back that turned into bronchitis.  It is, according to the Rocket Scientist's doctor, a "para-flu" -- he has it currently.  It hits people who had their flu shot very mildly.  The Red-Headed Menace (who gets sick if you look at him wrong, and who stays sicker longer than anyone else) had it and was out for three days.  I had it, was in bed for at least four, and then it turned into bronchitis.  I first got sick on November 8, and I am still not completely over it.  Guess who is the only person who has not had her flu shot in this household? Want to make any bets about whether I'll remember to next year?

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