Sunday, December 04, 2011

Orcs and Ents and Elves, oh my!

The Red-Headed Menace, Railfan and I were watching The Two Towers earlier, which led to some comments:

"Do you guys have a LARP* today?" "No, we're fulfilling our LARP duties by watching this movie."

"The Orcs had a legitimate grievance.  How would you like to be treated like they were?"

"How come Legolas's hair always looks great when everyone else's looks terrible?" "Magic."

"You know, Frodo and Sam would have a much easier time if they had only had a GPS."

[Edited to add: at dinner, RHM asked, "If he was Samwise the Brave, does this mean that they will have a beer at the Green Dragon called Samwieser?"]

And so on.

This however, is nothing compared to John Scalzi's LiveTweeting of the entire trilogy.  Note: put down all beverages, especially hot or acidic ones, and do not read anywhere where laughing out loud is likely to disturb others.  My favorite comment: "You'd think they could password protect a palantir."

*Live Action Role Play.  Basically, think of a bunch of kids, and by that I mean 14- to 35-year olds, running around the woods acting out fantasy fanfic.

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