Saturday, December 03, 2011

The smell of learning

I am at the California Academy of Sciences today, having driven the Red-Headed Menace and a classmate into the City for a leadership training conference by the Alliance for Climate Education. I have a lovely seat on the balcony outside the education center, looking out the glass wall on the front of the building to the Music Concourse and the de Young Museum across the way.  I have wireless.  I have a bottle of water, somewhere, and in any case, I believe there is a cafe somewhere in the building.  All I have to do is chill for the next four and a half hours.  Not a bad thing. I even found street parking so that I do not have to pay $28 for the underground garage.*

It is a beautiful day outside, but brisk.  The sky is lovely.  I have the best of both worlds: I can see the lovely sunshine, and not freeze while doing it.  And the best part is how the air smells in here.

The California Academy of Sciences is home to the Steinhart Aquarium.  Where I am in the building smells like the ocean: clean, salty, comforting.

All in all, there are much worse places I could be.

*Of course, right this very instant I am panicking -- I got the space right as someone pulled out.  I did not see a red curb, but what if there was a fire hydrant I missed? If it were not a significant walk (at least in my current state of health, and lugging my computer, etc.)  I would go out and check.  The last thing I need today is a tow.

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