Thursday, December 08, 2011

Question of the day.

Do Tim-Tams from Australia actually taste better than the ones made in the U.S. by Pepperidge Farm?*

Discuss amongst yourselves.

*We're talking regular Tim-Tams, which are great, but not Mint Tim-Tams which are the world's best mass-produced cookie** (filling the void left by the late, lamented Mystic Mints***) but which I have yet to see anywhere.

**Girl Scout cookies do not count: they are only available seasonally. 

***Fudge-covered Mint Oreos are not the same.  Sorry.


  1. I have a stash of aussie ones (including the mythical mint..) if you wanted to come taste test. Perhaps taste test and bead?

  2. I've only ever had the US ones. And I'm too far away for the taste testing! :-(