Friday, December 16, 2011

Not fair.

I got my flu shot yesterday when I went into the doctor to get the results of my foot x-ray.  They gave me a paper with the list of possible side effects, but the nurse said I was unlikely to get them since I was getting the inactivated vaccine.  Those side effects were:

Low-grade fever. Got that.
Muscles aches. Got that.
Sore throat. Got that.
Tenderness and swelling at the injection site.  I have a hard, hot, red spot about 2.5 inches in diameter on my upper left arm; it hurts to move my arm, like it does after getting a tetanus shot. Boo.
I'm not sure if the headache is related, but it sure feels like it.

I know this is meant to keep me from getting really sick later.  But did I really have to get all the minor side effects, short of a severe allergic reaction or Guillane-Barre?

Hmph.  I'm in just the mood to go online Christmas shopping this evening. I am sure not going outside anywhere.

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