Monday, October 03, 2011

Why yes, I am that good.

Just an update on my continuing quest for world domination trivia greatness:  I have a three week winning streak going at The Loft, and won two weeks before I started my streak.*  That's four wins in six weeks. Admittedly, The Gringos, who can beat me on any day of the week and twice on Sundays, were only there for one of those weeks.  On the other hand, there are four of them, and for three of those four wins, only one of me.

I have signed up for the Brainstormer Fall Trivia League.  I'll let you guys know how I do.

Edited to add: and tonight, one day after I wrote that, I will try and extend my win streak to four! If anyone cares, I'll be at The Loft, 90 S. Second Street, San Jose, after about 7.

Edited once more to add: No, the streak ended.  The Gringos were there, and they beat me by four points.  I made up ground in the last round, but it was not enough to overcome the formidable lead they amassed earlier in the game.  Rats.  But again, there are four of them, each with their own specialty.  I bet I could take any one of them individually -- actually, they have almost admitted that.  I seem to get a lot of respect for being (usually) a one-person team facing teams or three, four, or five people.  But respect isn't winning.  As somebody (probably Vince Lombardi) noted, in this sport there are no "moral victories."

*I am appalled to note that in the last game, I knew nine out of ten in the "Madonna Moments" round.  I am less appalled to state that I ran the "match the nickname to the baseball player" round.

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