Friday, October 28, 2011

Anecdotes from home

The Red-Headed Menace keeps wanting to be a comedian, and failing miserably.  His attempts at jokes are sad.  All the while, he is capable of coming up with amusing statements that come out of nowhere.  One that I loved, although I admit your mileage may vary on this:

Railfan: "Emo is just wanna-be Goth."
RHM: "Nah, being Goth just means you sacked Rome."

If nothing else, it shows he was paying attention in World History.


Me, to the Rocket Scientist: "You're obnoxious."*
RS: "The kids had to get it from somewhere."

*And he was being obnoxious, although truth in blogging compels me to add that he is usually not so.

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