Thursday, October 27, 2011

They like me!

As I have said, this is a personal blog.  You guys get hit with whatever is on my mind.  It may be what is going on in my life, funny things my offspring say, pictures of me in low-cut clothing, or recipes.

It is by no means a political blog, although I talk politics a lot.  I've always been a political animal.

Perhaps because of the foregoing, I have a pretty low hit count (although I know a number of people who follow via RSS feed).  I've never been too worried about this; I don't do the work needed to get people beating a path to my door.  I am not really interested in making the changes that becoming a more popular blog would probably require, as far as I can tell by reading books on how to create popular blogs. I inhabit a backwater of the blogosphere, along with all the other people with very small blogs, although I rarely post pictures of my cat. [Edited to add: Yes, the cats are on the sidebar.  Or at least two of the cats: my owner Penwiper and the dearly departed Chocolate.  Pandora -- who was given that name because she was beautiful and always getting into trouble, but who has turned out to have an obsession with boxes -- has never been shown.  I do not generally post new pictures of my cats.]

The Wild Winds of Fortune is my sandbox.  My escape valve.  My canvas.

My voice.

I love the fact that there are at least a few people who follow me:  I can be talking to you rather than simply myself. I think of you as my invisible friends.

It was quite a surprise to discover that I had been quoted in an article at is the website of Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. They apparently found the last paragraph of my post "Class Warfare" worthy of being included in an article called "Bloggers Back the Occupy Wall Street Protests."*

This makes me inordinately happy.

Although it does make me sort of regret having posted the corset picture.

*Fittingly, given my penchant for footnotes, they had a footnote following the quote: "For the sake of authenticity, PEJ has a policy of not correcting misspellings or grammatical errors that appear in direct quotes from online postings." Oh, well.

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