Saturday, October 22, 2011

Facts: where to find them

It can be difficult sometimes to find real, honest-to-goodness facts on the Internet.* Here are a couple of places I like:

First and foremost:, and  These two important sources are decidedly non-partisan, taking on statements from all parts of the political spectrum.  They usually agree, but not always, showing that no matter how thorough you are, factuality is a matter of analysis, and so it is important to read the full report on any statement.

For the more outlandish claims that often circulate in email and on Facebook:, specifically the political pages.  The most recent issue I used Snopes for was the "Congressional Reform Act of 2011."

For number crunching and various other analysis Nate Silver's Five-thirty-eight blog at the New York Times is usually trustworthy.

Are there any places you go to check facts?

*There is a reason teachers tell their students they can't use Wikipedia for research papers.

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