Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Resolution in progress

When I look at my post Eleven for '11, I see many things -- most things -- I have left undone, sadly.  But there is one area where I have had a significant improvement.

One of my resolutions was to write or blog every single day.  I have not done that (early in the year was very spotty) but I have come closer than any year I have had this blog.  Significantly.

In 2006, my first year with this blog, I wrote 123 posts (and average of one post every 3 days.  Blogging was very sparse the next three years, and then in 2010 I picked up the pace, posting 152 times, or an average of one post every 2.5 days.  October 26 is the 299th day of the year.  Thus far, not counting this post, I have made 203 blog posts in 2011, or an average of one post every 1.5 days.

While I admit this is very misleading in some sense -- I often post multiple times in one day and skip others, it is still better by a long shot than other years. (For example, although October has been a very chatty month -- I have 46 blog posts thus far -- only in January, June and July did I post more than a dozen items (33, 31, and 33, respectively).  )

The length and quality of posts varies considerably. Nonetheless, I am working towards a discipline. I am doing other writing* as well, and am trying to make my writing smoother and more controlled.  I am not sure that I am doing at all well with that last part. 

Go me.

*Nope, haven't worked on the book.  Oh, well.

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