Monday, December 03, 2012

This is for Sarah...

Because I promised my friend Sarah... Josh Groban (aka Neil Gaiman's* younger lookalike) sings Kanye West Tweets.

For a long time, perhaps because of the sort of music he generally sings, I just assumed that Josh Groban would be a really boring person.  Then I saw him in Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm F***ing Ben Affleck" video, and realized that here was a guy with a well-developed sense of humor.  Every interview I've seen with him sense has reinforced that.

Edited to add: And.... then there is this: your favorite Kanye West Tweet hand-stitched and made to order. (Thanks to my friend Cathy for the heads-up.)

*I would like to note that I have just had further evidence that Blogger is by and for geeks:  the text window recognizes Gaiman but not Groban or Kimmel.  Not that I didn't know this already, I just find it amusing.

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