Monday, October 08, 2012


It gets really old: Vincent the black Mustang was vandalized again. Vincent has had its tires slashed twice, had acid dripped on it twice, been keyed twice, had a beer bottle thrown at it and spit at while the Rocket Scientist was driving it, and in the most recent episode, had the air let out of one tire, which has also happened before.  Nothing like this has happened to any of our other vehicles.  In fact, it only started a couple of years ago.

I'm sure that the fact that, unlike our other vehicles, Vincent has a "No on 8" sticker (opposing the proposition that outlawed same-sex marriage) on its back bumper has nothing to do with it.  No, not at all.*

*Of course, the fact that Vincent has a vanity plate with RS's gender neutral name followed by my gender neutral name, looking like it is owned by a same-sex couple, might have something to do with this, too.

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