Thursday, September 27, 2012

Over at Lawyers, Guns and Money, Scott Lemiuex ("There are Many Life and Death Issues", "All American Presidential Elections are Choices Between Evils"), Paul Campos ("Purity of Essence"), Erik Loomis ("Nobody is Sweeping Dead Muslims Under the Rug"), and djw ("Dealbreakers") explore the morality of voting for third party candidates  in an election such as that facing us, and why Obama's failures as a bellwether progressive should not prompt people to do so.

And Erik Loomis has a thoughtful piece on one possible reason why progressives have failed to create an effective mass movement in the past several decades, "Cultural Origins of Green Lanterism." I like it so much, I am inclined to forgive him for having voted for Nader in 2000.  Everybody was young and stupid once.

All well worth reading.

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