Wednesday, July 04, 2012

My favorite July 4th post.

Because of the ongoing Charles Carreon v. The Oatmeal circus (which is the source of a blog post I need to write about the brokenness of the legal system, except that there are so many others writing far more cogent posts on the subject than I ever could -- not that that has ever stopped me before), I was pointed at and have begun reading Ken White's posts at Popehat. He's funny, smart, and writes well, and is a fierce proponent of protecting free speech. (He also has a legion of adoring fans based on a response to a cease-and-desist-letter he wrote that was posted on the website Regretsy. Be sure and read the comments.)

This may be my favorite post by him yet.  It is the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day, by recognizing those who choose to become citizens of this country, in spite of its imperfections, rather than having been blessed by being born here.

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