Saturday, April 23, 2011

Because planning for emergencies is so important

Quote of the day, from the Red Headed Menace. who is vegetarian: "the velociraptors should eat me, I'm grain-fed. I taste better."*

Yes, we were discussing what to do in case of velociraptor attack.  That's just the sort of family we are. Next up, how to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse.

My kids are already thinking along those lines: last Christmas, the Red-Headed Menace asked for a laser. For his birthday this year, Railfan asked for a girlfriend and C-4, both of which are helpful in warding off brain-eating monsters.**

*He then remarked that "Actually, the velociraptors should eat vegans.  They're practically grass-fed."
**We had to sadly explain that the girlfriend was something he needed to take of himself, and as it would be illegal for us to own C-4 ourselves, buying it for him was pretty much a moot point.  Besides, we figured he would just use it to blow up his brother.

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